Thursday, June 23, 2016

Color Trends for Fall and Winter 2016

Summer has just begun, and Pantone, the world's leading authority on color for fashion, home decor, and so much more, has just come out with their color selection for Fall and Winter 2016, into Winter 2017. 

For more than 20 years, Pantone has been considered the global authority on color.  Each season, Pantone surveys the designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond to collect feedback on prominent collection colors, color inspiration and color philosophy. This information is used to create the Pantone Fashion Color Report, which serves as a reference tool throughout the year for fashion enthusiasts, reporters and retailers.

Personally, I really do like their color selection this year.  Here are three color charts to show you what you will be seeing this Fall.  These charts may also helpful for you, as a jewelry designer, to know what gems to choose in your jewelry creations, that will compliment the current fashions this Fall. 

1.  Riverside - a cool, calming blue.

2.  Airy Blue -  a beautiful, medium shade of blue.

3.  Sharkskin - a neutral gray, works well paired with almost any other color in the fall palette.

4.  Aurora Red - a bold, warm red.

5.  Warm Taupe - another neutral, more to the brown, earthy side.

6.  Dusty Cedar - a warm,  rose toned shade of pink.

7.  Lush Meadow - a rich, vibrant shade of green.

8.  Spicy Mustard - a spicy, brownish yellow color

9.  Potter's Clay - a neutral earth tone.  A warm reddish brown tone.

10.  Bodacious - a bright, rich purple, more of a red violet color.

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