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Me and Tiger
Adornajoy Gems was originally opened in 2007, under the name, Tiger Bead Store.  At that time, I was making jewelry that I was selling online, at art fairs and in galleries.   When I would shop for beads for my own work,  I would also stock up on the many deals I would find.  After a while I decided to share some of my great finds online.  And that was the beginning of Tiger Bead Store. 

I branched out into buying gemstone cabochons about 2 years into having Tiger Bead Store.  At that time, there were not as many sellers selling gemstones online, so that was the part of the business that really took off.   Now, our business in close to ten years old.  A decade.  I'm amazed.  And pleased. 

I have sourced some very honest and reliable gem sellers that I repeatedly buy from.  These sellers I trust to only sell me quality semi-precious gemstones.   We carry cabochons in calibrated sizes in: smooth rounds, rose cuts, checkerboard cut, bullet cut, and a fancy rose cut.  We carry many free form gemstones in lots of different sizes and shapes.  And we also carry faceted gemstones. 

I am constantly adding new stones to Adornajoy Gems.  I like to keep my inventory fresh and interesting.  I look for beautiful, high quality, affordable gems, and make them available in small quantities for my buyers.

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