Sunday, September 30, 2007

City of 10,000 Buddhas

Last friday was my husband's birthday and I went out of town with him on a couple of speaking jobs. He worked until 4:00 and then we met a friend of his at the City of 10,000 Buddhas. This is a community in Ukiah, CA that has a girls elementary school, a high school, beautiful grounds to walk and visit, and an incredible sanctuary. The sanctuary has a large Buddha on the outside and 10,000 Buddhas inside. The story as it was told to us was that one monk carved more than 10,000 over the course of his life but there is that many in the sanctuary. They range in size from about 1" to 1' in size and they line all the walls from top to bottom. They are on shelves and are behind plexiglass to keep them clean and protected. This is an amazing place. I am not Buddhist but I have read some about the religion and the Buddha's teachings. All I can say is what an amazing site to see. Incredible. We both wanted to take photos inside but it just didn't feel appropiate once inside.

We really celebrated my husband's birthday on sunday. We went out to coffee in the morning, out to share lunch at a favorite Mexican place nearby, and then just spent the day together. Tonight we will watch a favorite television series we have rented on DVD. It is the show LOST. When the show first came out on TV I was not interested at all in it. But a few friends recommended it to us so we thought we would try it. We are HOOKED. This is our last DVD for the second series and then we will have to watch it week by week because season 3 is on television now. Oh, we got spoiled. If you are looking for something fun to watch, try the lost series.

Tomorrow is monday and it means back to work, and back to jewelry. I sold a few pieces this weekend while we were gone. It feels really good to know that people like and are wearing my new designs. And buying it for friends and family members. So I have quite a few new ideas, as well as new pieces to list in my store. And lots of new beads to list in Tigerbeads. I will be spending more time with this now that I am home again.

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