Monday, October 8, 2007

Columbus Day

Because my part-time job is at a bank, I have the day off today. Not many businesses do: banks and the post office. I think that is it. I have been looking forward to this day off so I could work in my studio creating. My husband is not home today so I am working by myself. I look forward to no interruptions, but I also get lonely by myself. I had this same dilemna when I was painting. For now, my bank job gives me the people contact I need. That's one of the things I like about the job. I work with good people that I like.

This weekend I went to see a painting show of a very good long time friend of mine. I briefly considered going to the opening just to be supportive of my friend who I know does not like art openings. But I reconsidered because I don't like them myself. I ran a fairly large art gallery for about 10 years. I really got my fill of art openings. So I don't go anymore.

When I went to see Regina's work, the gallery was closed but I was able to get in through the antique dealer next store. There was no one in there except my sister and myself and it was perfect. Regina's paintings are beautiful as usual. She paints very colorful acrylic paintings on canvas. Her imagery is usually a surrealistic depiction of an outdoor landscape or the ocean merging into the interior of a home. She is now playing with bending the perspective of the interiors, a subtle change and one that I like. If you get a chance, go to the Cody-Pettit Gallery and see her show. It will run through the end of October.

I will be listing some new beads and jewelry on my Etsy sites tonight. Take a look later or tomorrow if you have a chance.

You may have also noticed that I added a sign up for my email mailing list on the right side of this entry. I will be starting a newsletter very soon that will be fun and informative about fashion trends, color trends, proper care and handling of jewelry, etc. Please sign up-this will also add you to my monthly drawing for $25 of FREE JEWELRY or BEADS.

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