Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Celebrated My Birthday

I'm just ending a long weekend of celebrating my birthday. Actually it has been 4 days of being honored by my family and friends. Started on thursday with a party at work. One of my co-workers, Nicole, orchestrated decorating our break area, a lunch pot luck of Mexican food, birthday cake and balloons. It was very nice to have my birthday remembered by my coworkers. I work with a great group of people.

Friday, my husband met me for lunch with flowers , a birthday balloon and a card. He took me out to lunch to start our birthday weekend together. We don't just have a birth-day at my house. They last at least 2 days. Friday evening I had dinner with a long time good friend of mine. We went to our favorite Italian restaurant to eat and catch up on each others lives. That was fun.

Saturday was my real birthday. When I first woke up it was raining! I said to my husband that it can;t rain, it never rains on my birthday! Well within 2 hours, it had cleared up and was warm and sunny. I met with my sister Fran and we went shopping at our mall and had lunch. We then went into town and had a birthday dessert and walked around some more. Later in the day, Scott, my sister and myself went out to sushi dinner. I love sushi! And it was good. When Scott and I went home, I opened presents. He gave me a magnifying light for my jewelry station. My eyes have been changing the last couple of years so I think this will help a lot. And he also gave me a photography studio in a box. What this is is a portable set up to photograph my jewelry better. This is something I wanted but had not asked for. Scott also did other sweet gestures the rest of the weekend. He really made me feel loved and cared for. He's a good guy.

By today, sunday, I was ready to just have a normal sunday. We went out to lunch and then stayed home and worked on different projects. Lately, on sundays I try to get either some Etsy listings done, some blogging, or some jewelry made. I like to just be home on sundays.

So it was a full and fun weekend.

The above image is from a card that my sister gave me that I really like. She said it reminded her of my new jewelry. The image is by an artist named Turnowski.

My cats gave me the card below. I also really liked this one-it is soooooo like the 2 of them. They go crazy for tuna. K.C. especially goes crazy for tuna water. This card is from Hallmark.

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