Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bird Lovers Only Rescue

I'm not sure if I have recommended this blog before but I know I have a link to it in my favorite blog sites.

Bird Lover Only Rescue
is a blog site dedicated to the education, rescue and adoption of birds of all kinds. If you are a bird lover, I think you would enjoy this site.

One of their featured birds is Snowball, a dancing cockatoo. There are a few short videos with Snowball dancing to different songs. The latest entry was on 12/26/07. It features Snowball dancing to a Ringo Starr Christmas song. It is so very worth taking a look. It is cute, it is funny. What a great bird.

Snowball also like to dance to the Backstreet Boys. That was the first video I saw and the link is in my favorite blogs listing to the right. Take a look-I think you will enjoy.

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