Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Beads Just In at Tiger Beads

I just got a new order of beautiful Czech pressed glass beads in on friday. I have listed 4 different ones so far but I have many more sizes and finishes and shapes to list in my Tiger Bead Store.

Czech pressed glass beads are made by pouring molten or hot, liquid glass into a mold and firing them with a torch or in a kiln to harden. These beads I have ordered have pretty rainbow-like finishes to them also that makes them look more unique. because they are made by hand, there is a slight variation in their size and shape. But they are really gorgeous. And reasonably priced too!

Here's a sampling:

These last beads, the coin shaped ones, were hard to photograph well. Because they are dark, it is hard to show the pretty colors they also reflect. They are prettier in person than my photos convey.

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