Sunday, March 2, 2008

My Weekend

There are sometimes when it feels really good just working in the yard. We had a beautiful sunday with lots of sunshine. My husband mowed the backyard. I appreciate it when he does because the yard looks so much better. I attended to closing up the hole that was dug by some animal (our racoon?) so that they could not get back in, at least through that hole. I'll see in the next few days if what I did works. Since my cat got into a scuffle with the racoon, we have not seen it or heard it under the house. We do think it may have gotten into our heating ducts while it was under the house so we will have to get that figured out.

So besides closing up that hole, I did some necessary weeding, and took all the dry, dead, stuff off my 2 lilac bushes so that the new growth can come in. I love lilacs. You will probably hear me say that again. My younger bush all ready has new growth and you can see the flowers in their beginning stage. It is so exciting!!

I also got a new Epson printer this weekend. We have an e-waste graveyard in my attic. This new printer is replacing 2 others that partially work. My very first Epson was a great printer. Lasted a very long time. I am hopeing for the same with this new one. It also has a scanner attached which I use a lot.

I did a few listings in my bead and jewelry stores this weekend. Take a look if you have some time.

All in all, I had a very nice weekend. And Tiger got to go out today too!! I would say he had a good weekend too!

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