Monday, April 21, 2008

My Watercolor Paintings

I try to keep a list of ideas of thing I would like to share on my blog. I've been thinking about sharing some of my watercolor paintings for those of you who may not be familiar with me as a painter.

As I have written in other places, I painted with watercolors, pretty seriously, for just over 20 years. It started with 2 classes at a local junior college, and that was it. I was hooked. By persueing watercolor painting seriously, what I mean to say is that I painted very regularly, one to two full days a week (because I had a pert-time job), and also sent out slides like crazy persueing representation for my artwork in galleries. I had many local shows and sales, and also displayed my paintings in shows and galleries in other parts of California and nationally.

So here is a sampling of my work. Of course my images changed over my 20+ years. About the last 5, I was enjoying photographing flowers all around town, and then painting from my photographs.

If you like these and would like to see more, just visit my website.

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Mei said...

Wow! You are so talented. These paintings are beautiful. They are work of art.

Crafters Calendar said...

Talented!?!?! That is for sure. Some of these would also look really nice as backgrounds for Blog Templates! Beautiful!