Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open Studios

This weekend will be the yearly Open Studios tour. Approximately 100 artists in my area will open their studios to the public so visitors can see what they create and how they create it. I think it is a good opportunity for both the artists and the public. It's nice as a visitor to meet the artist who's work you enjoy. And it is always good for an artist to get feedback from others. If you are in town and interested in stopping by, come on over. You can email me for my address.

I will be showing only my jewelry and beads from my Tiger Bead store. In the past I also would show my paintings but I have decided not to this year. I haven't painted watercolors for about 5 years now so I think I have shown the ones I have left enough. I have some really beautiful paintings that just have not found the right home yet. I guess they will now be part of my personal collection. I will still show them on request if someone is interested.

Today I will be working on organizing and getting ready for the weekend. I do have a few new jewelry pieces to share and if I have the time to photograph them, I will put them on the blog.

I think that is all for now.

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