Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A New Addition to the Family

OK, so I was going to buy food for Tiger at Petco and a local pet adoption agency was outside with about 8 kittens, looking for adopters. I chose to look from afar but when I saw they had 2 orange kitties, I decided to go take a look. That was my first mistake (as Lyle Loveitt would say). My second mistake was holding both of them and asking questions about their personalities and their needs. I was suckered in. I tried to call my husband to talk me out of it. He was busy in a meeting and never got my message. So I was on my own, trying to decide, would Scott get really mad if I brought another cat home. I walked around Petco for a while and then I decided, I was going to do it. I went back outside and picked what I thought was the shorter haired of the two, filled out all the papers and away we went. I brought him home with time to spare before Scott came home from his meeting.

Then I was sweating it. What if he REALLY doesn't want to keep him? How mad will he get at me? We always make decisions together. But could he really turn away this cute little face?

He couldn't. Boy was I relieved. After careful inspection, a bond was formed.

And now we are a three cat household.

Oh, and by the way, his name is Motor. He does not stop purring, even to sleep. I chose him from the other kitties because he looked calm and was quiet. Boy, was I wrong.

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