Wednesday, October 15, 2008

While I Was Away

Sorry I've been away so long. As I stated, I am trying to integrate my new kitten Motor (who just happens to be on my lap) into our household. What that really means is needing to watch how he and Tiger are together. I can tell you it is wrestle mania here. If you are interested in more about how the cats are doing, please go to my new blog, "The Very Best Cats."

So I am in my first Showcase at Etsy today. A Showcase is a way to have your work stand out from the crowd for a day. There are MANY artists trying to sell their art work there so it is important to somehow stand out.

Wanted to share some new earrings I have made lately.

The top 2 are beaded with crystals and the last one is crystals and glass. Of course, I call that pair "Cherries."

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