Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2 Necklaces, 3 Pairs of Earrings

I had a pretty good creative day today. I made 2 necklaces that incorporate some of my new wood beads, beautiful gemstone beads, and sterling silver chain. I like the combination of the different elements together. As soon as I get photos, I will share them here.

I purchased a new tool called a bead reamer that enlarges bead holes. It is battery powered and works a whole lot better than the 2 other hand tools I have for the same purpose. I have wanted this tool for a long time so that I could use the beautiful pearls I have in a new way. Usually I wire wrap pearls. Their holes are so small only a very thin wire will go through it. Now I have more of a choice in how I can use the pearls. Hooray!

I made 3 new pairs of earrings, with pearls, that I will also share as soon as I take photos.

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Selina said...

Great job..! I can't wait to see those necklace and earrings..! Keep on the good work.