Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Great Saturday

I had a really good day yesterday. I have been working on an outdoor enclosure for my cats so they can go outside, safely, and lie in the sun, and listen to the sounds. Especially since the weather is getting better. After I figured out my plans for how to build it, it took me 3 hours last saturday and maybe 3 hours at the most yesterday. I had the help of my nephew to attach the chicken wire and to put the top of the enclosure on the bottom. This is the end result.

I call this Tiger's room because he is the whole reason I built it.

My plan is the add onto this, an enclosed walkway through the grass to another larger "room" type area where they can hang out. but for right now, I am very pleased with what is all ready done.

The other thing I did on saturday was go to a bead show in our local area. I am increasing my inventory of beads at Tiger Beads and I purchased some very beautiful goodies. I found some new crystal beads that sparkle like I have never seen before. And a very good price too! And I bought some beautiful briolettes.

Today's plan is to photograph, edit, and get some new listings at my bead store, Tiger Beads. I'll probably share some photos here too. I love getting new beads!

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