Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Over Grown Ground Cover

My garden has gotten out of control. Besides the berry stalks that want to take over my yard, we have lots of ivy, and 1 overgrown ground cover.

We hired 2 gardeners to start the cleanup but found out that that is quite expensive. Now I am continuing on with the clean up process.

A word of advice to my fellow gardeners, if your spouse or partner suggests a plant that you are not really fond of planting, just say no. Or make an agreement that when the time comes and it takes over the yard and he decides that maybe we don't want it there anymore, that he remove the plant. Get it in writing!

I love my husband, don't get me wrong. But this ground cover is taking days to remove. Intertwined with the thorned berry stalks and the ivy, it makes removing the ground cover a real treat!

These 2 photos show the weeded area in the foreground, and the green area you see in back is the forest of weeds. 12 hours of labor has all been expended and see how far this project has gone. I approximate another 12 hours in the weeding, then I want to put a ground cover on top. All of this just in time for fall!

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