Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take the Challenge

I've decided to challenge myself and list a new item in my jewelry shop everyday. That maybe a bit difficult at times depending on how busy I am but I'm going to do it. What inspired me was reading about another Etsy artist that set up that goal for herself. And she was able to complete it! So here I go.

The first day of my challenge, I listed this necklace, "Eternity with Pearls."

And yesterday, I listed this necklace, "Silver and Pearls."

I seem to be having a thing with freshwater pearls right now. I just love silver and white pearls together. They have such a clean look.

So for today, I'm not sure what I will post. But there will be another new piece so stop by and have a look. For that matter, stop by now and again this month and you may find something you like for yourself.

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