Monday, August 2, 2010

Marketing Tips for Online Sellers - Titleing Your Listing

To increase your sales, you need to increase your exposure. This is a little bit of information about internet searches.

When a person is searching on the internet or Etsy for a product, they will usually type in a general description of a product, nothing specific. An example would be "Childrens Hats," instead of "Beautiful Red Knitted Child's Hat Size ..." or "Gemstone Beads" instead of "Big Blue Sodalite Tube Beads."

If you were looking for a certain product, think of what you might type in the search box because others search just like you.

So you want the title of your listing to start with a general category, then the specifics of the product. This will make your product more visible in Etsy searches, and will also rank you higher in a Google or internet search.

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