Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What Makes You Happy?

One of the things that makes me very happy is growing my favorite plants. Hydraegea is one of my favorite flowering bushes. I have planted 5 at my house all ready and if I can find another sunny, vacant spot, I will plant another. Hydraegeas come in different size bushes, and different flower colors. And they are a very good flower for indoor vases. A healthy plant will have many flowers and they last a longtime on the plant so you can bring flowers indoors and the plant will still look full.

With all the photos I take, I cannot believe I don't have one of my beautiful hydraegea bushes. Sorry for that one folks.

Lilacs. I love the look of the flower and I love the scent. These are also flowers that you can cut and place in a vase indoors. And they will leave your home with the most wonderful of fragrances. I have 2 bushes I planted and I would love more.

These are the flowers that inspired me to write this piece. My lovely lantanas. I have 2 bushes. Their colors are different. Both are beautiful. I just look at these flowers and I feel happy. The colors, the shape of the flowers and how prolifically they grow if in the right sunny place are all my favorite features for this plant. If I had to choose one feature, it would have to be the colors that I like the best.

We are finally starting to get some sunny weather here on the North Coast. It had been a dull and drab summer up to now, and actually quite cold. It is hard to remember from year to year that fall is when we see our warmest days. And we all need it here before the rain begins. So with our best weather days upon us (I am crossing my fingers right now), I will get to enjoy my flowering plants for another month or two. Hooray for late summer.

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