Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ten Most Famous Diamonds in the World

The fourth most famous diamond in the world is the Idol's Eye.  Wow, a large diamond surrounded by more diamonds.  What more could you ask for.

The Idol’s Eye
idol's eye

The idol’s eye is one of the most mysterious diamonds in the world. Its entire history is unknown; we have no idea where it came from, when it was discovered or who owned it.  The only clue is its name, “The Idol’s Eye”. It appeared in a note, at Christie’s when it was described as a flawless large diamond. It was bought by an anonymous buyer and disappeared again for some years. Its owners changed several times afterwards and was bought in 1979 by Mr. Laurence Graff, who sold it again in 1983, to an anonymous buyer who is believed to own  the diamond today.

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