Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Places to Advertise Your Etsy Business

Once again, I was reading the Etsy forums and I saw a post with a list of sites where you can advertise for free and get some exposure (by Valerie Lazear of ValValVoom):

etsylush.com ( you can submit one item of yours every 24 hrs)
pinterest.com (You make boards, like treasuries)
Craftgawker.com (Does not accept anything from Etsy but submit your blog, which has your shop name in it)
Craigslist.com (go to classified ads for sale and then to crafts)
www.craftjuice.com (list an item of yours anytime you want)
www.100craftlinks.com(I get lots of views from here)
Ravelry.com (for crocheters or knitters)
www.mywebees.com ( this lets you put your shop on facebook but you have to go thru them. Read carefully)
coolmaterial.com/basic-listing-the-black-book/ (This site is focused on marketing to men)
digg.com (search engine)
the link for help with Stumble Upon is www.theredheadriter.com/2011/05/how-to-guide-for-stumbleupon.html 
coolmaterial.com/basic-listing-the-black-book/ (This site is focused on marketing to men)
digg.com (search engine)
ecrater.com/ (free online marke tplace to sell on)
blujay.com/index (free online market place to sell on)
bonanza.com (free online market place to sell on)
smashion.com (can sell any fashion items including clothing, accessories, beauty & cosmetic products, and footwear)
hootsuite.com (connect with FB or twitter, social networking site, go for the free plan) etsyhacks.com/greasemonkey/ (Etsy tools)
myhandmaderegistry.com/ (List your items from your shop or website)
etsywishlist.com/ (Put your Etsy items on)
reddit.com/r/etsy (Put Etsy items on)
craftcult.com/treasury_widget.php (Tools to put Etsy treasuries on your blog, website)
directory.everythingetsy.com/ (List your Etsy shop for free!)
cr8tivity.com/ (Etsy tools)
handmademarketing.org/ (Sell your items here)
artfire.com(Sell your items)
freecraftylinks.com/ (Place an ad for your shop)
bit.ly/ (Track your links)
lookbook.nu/ (Post your own fashion looks)
craftopolis.com/ (Tools for Etsy)
stylishhome.com/Community/fabDesign-Bookmarks (Submit a link)
youtube.com/ (Upload a video about your shop. If you have Windows Movie Maker its very easy)
about.me/ (Put your info in about you and your shop)
linkytools.com/ (Tools for your Blog)
plus.google.com (Like Facebook)
Indiepublic.com (Put info in about your shop) www.pearltrees.com ( put your items on this site)
www.wists.com/ (Add your items to this site and you can make a slideshow easy for your blog )
delicious.com (Share sites you find on the web, including Etsy shops)
snipi.com (Same kind of site, share sites)

Hope some of these sites are helpful for you!

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