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FREE Tutorial Rolo Chain and Leather Bracelet

This is a bracelet tutorial I really like. I am thinking my husband may need a bracelet like this. All the supplies are available at Primitive Earth Beads Chains and Leather. I have links on the bottom of this tutorial (they may or may not work-sorry.) And the You Video intstructions are further down on the page.  Hope you enjoy.

Photo credit: From The Beading Gem's Journal

Rollo Chain and Leather Bracelet
 From Primitive Earth Beads, Chains and Leather

The materials needed to make this style of bracelet are:

2 feet of rollo chain
2 yards of leather (the size of the leather will be determined by the size of the Rollo chain)

Cut the chain into three equal lengths, generally 7 to 7.5 inches long depending on the desired bracelet size, (you will want an uneven number of links on each piece of chain). If you purchased more chain, you can make as many sections as you want.

Lay the three lengths of chain parallel (I use a mandrel or heavy piece of wire so that I can see they are even and the same length.)

Find the center of your leather cord. Weave one end of the leather through the first link of each section, until you reach the half way point. Now pick up one end of the leather and run it through the third link this link will be laying in the same direction as the first one. You will now have both pieces of leather on the same side of your bracelet. Turn the bracelet over. Now take the top piece of leather and run it through the same set of links as the bottom piece of leather. Continue in this manner until you reach the end.

Keep the tension even as you weave the bracelet; make sure the links continue to lie parallel to each other.

Now you are ready to run the leather cords through the first set of links, back to where you started. You will have three strands of leather going through this set of links.

Be sure to allow enough length of your leather ends to take the bracelet on and off. You can add beads to the ends or tie an overhand knot to keep the leather ends from pulling out as you take the bracelet on and off.

Enjoy your bracelet and the many compliments you will receive!!

Here are the items needed  to make the rolo chain bracelet:

  1. 6-8 inches of chain CH-50 (7.0MM)
  2. 5 feet rubber tubing or  5 feet Greek leather cord
  3. 2mm large hole bead
Links to the categories of the items listed above:
CH-50 (7.0MM)
CH-50 (7.0MM)
rubber tubing
rubber tubing
Greek leather
Greek leather
euro style
large hole bead

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