Friday, January 11, 2013

A Change of Mind, A Change of Heart

At the end of last year,  I decided to open a second supply store, this one on Artfire, called Mix and Match Jewelry and Supplies.  The idea is, and was, to have charms and pendants all ready prepared with jump rings or bails to go on commercially made chains for necklaces and bracelets.  I still like my idea, but I have decided not to continue on with this store.  It is a LOT OF WORK growing an online business and I would rather use that same energy to continue to grow Tiger Bead Store.

Tiger Bead Store is and will continue to be focused on selling gemstone cabochons and faceted gemstones.  But I did buy a lot of beautiful sterling silver chains, and swarovski crystals, and charms that I will adding to my store as time permits.  Please, if you know of anyone interested in these types of jewelry supplies, if you could pass along this information, it would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and lots of supplies for making photo pendants.  I have not started listing these items, but I will in the near future.

I do have some new items in that would be perfect for Valentine's Day jewelry making.   Here are just a few of the new charms Tiger Bead Store has on hand...

Crystal Hearts

Winged Hearts

Heart of Wings

Filigree Heart Locket
As I stated above, I have lots of new sterling silver chains available in many different lengths if you just want a simply made necklace or bracelet.

Many of the chains I purchased are for men so you may find the perfect gift for you loved for Valentine's Day here at Tiger Bead Store!  Come by.  Take a look.  See what's new.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  

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