Thursday, June 30, 2016

Helpful Tips for Your Etsy Business - Etsy Search

Have your sales seemed to have slowed down this year?  Maybe even the views to your shop?  I know mine have.  So I decided to look into why this might be happening.

Etsy is flooded with sellers right now: new and long time ones, retail and wholesale, handmade and not handmade.  Things have really changed since I started on Etsy almost 10 years ago.  And competition is stiff.   And so, once again, Etsy has changed it search algorithm, I believe it was earlier this year.  I came across this post, I believe in the Etsy forums, and thought it was good advice to help your listings be seen, and possibly move your listings to Etsy's first page of a search for products similar to your own.

I have been implementing these changes myself, and I have to honestly tell you, I am seeing good results. In the first 3 pages of search on Etsy, using my strongest keywords, my listings show up once.  But by page 4 in search, I have many listings showing up in search.  So I am seeing results. 

This post was written by someone named Sharna R., I believe in the Etsy forums, on Mary 17, 2016.  (I have edited and added clarifying information where I felt it may be helpful.) 

"I have found great success (in a matter of just a few minutes) in updating 4 things:

1.  Title - Put your top hit search terms as the first 3 words in your title. Go to your Etsy stats page, and see what the top three search terms are for your business.  Use them in your titles.

2.  Materials - Etsy uses this information when customers search for specific things.  In my leather pacifier clips rather than just having "leather' in my materials, I added "metal pacifier clip" since my top search hit is "leather pacifier clip." 

3.  Tags - This is HUGE!  Use phrases for your tags rather than just individual words.  You will find a lot more success if you are selling earrings to use the tag "geometric stud earrings" rather than "geometric", "stud", "earrings" separately.

4.  Description - Similar to Google, Etsy seems to have it's algorithm look for "interesting pages" so adding bullet point lists, links or quotes show Etsy that there's a variety of information on your listing rather than just a brief description of what the item is. 

My best advice is to search for your listings as if you were a customer to see where they come up (which page you're on) and try a few things to improve your listings to get on the first page of your top hits search terms.  Also, learning from those listings that are on the first page has been very valuable to me as well.  Even copying the tags and titles they use has given me good success."

Hope you find this information helpful for your business. 

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