Monday, July 9, 2018

Colored Gemstone Choices for Fall and Winter 2018

After studying Pantone's color choices for Fall and Winter 2018, I selected the best gems for you that match the color palette.  These are gems that will compliment Fall and Winter's fashions in clothing and accessories; colors you may want to consider while planning your jewelry creations for later in the year.

Image borrowed from Pantone website
 Red Pear - Ruby, Garnet

Valiant Poppy - Red Coral

Nebulas Blue - not really sure on this one

Ceylon Yellow - another one I am not really sure of

Martini Olive - Smokey Quartz

Russet Orange - Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, Amber

Ultra Violet - Amethyst, Charoite

Crocus Petal -  Phosposdarite, Pink Amethyst, Lavender Moonstone Quartz, Sugilite

Limelight - Lemon Quartz

Quetzal Green - London Blue Topaz

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