Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Esty Store Now Open

I just started listing jewelry for sale at www.testagrossadesigns.etsy.com. I've been wanting to get my jewelry up on the web for sale for a while. I originally thought I would change my website but that would be a steep learning curve for me. So this Esty site is perfect. It is similar to Ebay in ways except the jewelry will not be on auction. The lising last 4 months or until sold. And the cost to the artist is much more reasonable. Esty is a website for handmade art and crafts. Check it out sometime. There is some pretty neat things for sale there.
Just got in a new bead order on friday. I was disappointed with about half of the order. I am purchasing my beads from the web and the beads do not look like the photos I ordered from. Hopefully I will not have a difficult time returning them. I am also waiting on 2 more orders. So exciting!!
Tomorrow is my creative day. I'm very much looking forward to that. Probably put more jewelry up on Etsy. Easy way to remember Etsy-Betsy without the B. I even have to remind myself about that.

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