Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Away on Vacation

Took a short vacation this weekend with my honey. It was our 7th wedding anniversary. We needed to get away. If we stay home, we work. Scott is mainly self-employed, I am partially self-employed. So anyway, we drove up to Brookings Oregon and stayed in a cabin overlooking the ocean. I found the place on the internet. Looked great from the listing. The actual cabin we stayed in was nice. But the deck was oddly shaped and the only way to get a look at the ocean was by standing right near someone else's deck. It felt too intrusive. So the deck part was disappointing. The beaches near Brookings are wonderful. Told Scott I would be OK moving there. I would like to live in a more rural area as I get older. This is going to take some convincing on my part to get Scoot to agree to that.

Not much to do in Brookings. Not much shopping to do. They do have a good selection of restaurants. And lots and lots of real estate agencies. Seems like they are trying to build up the area.
Ordered some new beads today for my Tiger Bead store. That's always exciting. Can't wait to get them in and share them in the store.

Tiger missed me while I was gone. My good friend took care of him but I think he was lonely. He has stuck real close to me ever since. I don't mind that at all.

Just found out our neighbors are looking for a home for their 2 year old black lab. That makes me sad. She is such a good dog. She just needs more time and attention then they can give her. She barks a lot for attention, most of the day when my neighbors are gone. Even still, I will miss her. I hope she gets a family that will give her the love and attention she needs. Treating an animal with indifference and neglect is abusive.

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