Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Beautiful Sunny Day

Today I woke up to sunshine coming in through my bedroom windows. That is not a common occurrence here on the coast. Many times we wake up to a white sky as I like to call it. But it is gorgeous today. No wind and warm. It's the best we can hope for here. Gotta love it!!

I decided that I am going to open a 2nd Etsy store and sell gemstone beads. I am doing my research to see where I can get the best prices. I found my first dealer yesterday and bought my first batch of beads. They are beautiful to look at all together. Photographing and getting the store set up will take a while. It just seems like a natural addition to my jewelry making. Hope I am not biting off too much.

I had Scott take some photos of Tiger and me this week. I've been wanting a sweet portrait with him for a while. I think this photo really expresses how much I love my cat.

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