Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back to Blogging

My last entry was done in the evening and Tiger made me quit writing. I have Tiger come in around 8:00 and if I am still on the computer, he will jump on my desk to walk on the keyboard, or create some other havoc by knocking things off my work table, anything to get attention.

I had another jewelry piece to share. A pair of earrings made with sterling silver wire and Russian ruby jade brios.

I made another necklace with sterling chain, some turquoise crystals and a large turquoise drop. Very nice. And I got some new beads in called green grass jade that I love and made another necklace with. Check my store at for these lovelies.

Scott finished designing my business card yesterday and it is off to the printer. It looks great!! If the printer does as good a job as Scott did, it will be one beautiful card. It is 2 sided and one side is for my jewelry and the other for my bead store. I will share it when I get it back from the printers.

Got lots of new beads in this week. If you are a beader, keep checking out as I list them on my site.

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