Sunday, November 4, 2007

Some New Goodies

Just wanted to share a few new pieces.

The cluster earrings are mine. Once I made them I didn't think I would make them again. They are very labor intensive. The drop is pineapple quartz, and the cluster is made of sterling beads, garnets, pearls, crystals, red & green adventurine,and african turquoise.

The red earrings I may keep for myself too-I'm not quite sure yet. I am a big red fan. These are made with red sponge coral and sterling silver. The 3 coral beds are joined separately so that there is movement to the earrings. That is something I like in a bigger earring.

If you are interested in beads, I have added new listings to my Etsy bead store. Take a look when you have the time at

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