Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tiger and the Cheetah

So after 3 weeks of waiting, Scott and I finally got our new flat screen TV. It is wonderful. We saved up a portion of any unexpected income we had made for about 6 months. And since we made enough right around the holidays, we decided it would be our Christmas present for each other.

We've been watching concerts, DVDs, the election news, etc. It all looks better, bigger. The other night when we were flicking through the channels, we came across a nature show about wildebeasts and their yearly migration across Africa. I love nature shows. This one was extra special. The film producers had many cameras on the ground and in the air and water disguised as other animals so that they could get very close-up shots of all kinds of animals-the wildebeast, hippos, lions, cheetahs, mongoose, etc. It was truly incredible! I am a lover of big cats. Have been since a child. The photography of the lions groups, and the cheetah mom and baby was amazing.

Tiger has watched animal shows with me before. With the added size of the new TV, though, he was amazed also. He practically watched the whole show with us. A couple of times he had to get right up to the screen and watch close-up. That was just the cutest site. Especially when he was watching the big cats. I have one pretty good photo of him watching a cheetah.

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