Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Frustrating Weekend for Tiger

Today is Saturday, March 1st. We are starting out with a beautiful sunny day, but it looks like the clouds are moving in for rain soon.

My cat Tiger is very frustrated with me this morning. I wouldn't let him out yesterday and today he will be indoors too. He really likes to be out whenever possible. The problem is that yesterday, when I let him out in the morning, as we were going out the back door, a racoon a little larger than Tiger was coming out from under our deck. They both looked at each other and froze, then the racoon turned around to go back under the deck and my Tiger charged him. You can guess the rest. While I am freaking out, the 2 of them are fighting under the deck. They stop for a quick rest, and then go at it again. Tiger finally came out with his fur all standing up, but not harmed.

So until we can get the racoon out from under our house, Tiger is an indoor kitty. This is as hard for me as it is him. He gets ornery when he does not get his way, biteing me and clawing at the furniture. Ugh, I hope I can survive the weekend with him.

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