Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Rings

I took a lot of photographs yesterday and I can now share my newest rings.

This first one is my own design. At least I have not seen a ring like this. Sterling silver wire is coiled around other wire to make the body of the ring. The black stone is an agate, the reddish brown stone is dark red adventurine. And it is finished with a spiral on the top of wire. I will get this in my Etsy store soon. It is probably a size 7.

This next one was a labor of love. It is from a design by jewelry artist Eni Oken. Eni does amazing work-really amazing. Her website is if you are interested in seeing some beautiful jewelry. She also sells tutorials for some of her designs and this is what I worked from.

The large stone in the middle is rose quartz. All the wire is sterling and the small red beads are garnets. I am thinking of antiquing this ring to give it some dark areas and highlights. I think it will help show off the wire work more.

So I think I am keeping this ring for myself. It took me a good part of my day last wednesday and I may chose never to make this design again. I am open to doing commissions of this ring or something similar if there are interested folks out there.

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Johanna's Handmade Jewelry said...

Those are really cool rings!