Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garnet Spiral Twist

I finally finished these wire wrapped earrings on wednesday. I probably started these 3 weeks ago. I started them, put them down, picked them up again, did some wire wrapping, put them down. Worked on them again last week, put them down. So on wednesday, this was the first project I started in the morning and finished. Sometimes this is how the creative process goes.

I started with shaping the wire into coils on both ends, and then creating the figure eight. The coils were then hammered to flatten the wire some. Hammering also makes the wire stronger. As I wired on the garnets, I attached all the wires in the center of the earring to hold the design together. Last but not least, pierced ear wires were attached so the earrings could be worn.

Another original Mary Ann Testagrossa design is born!

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