Monday, June 2, 2008

A Successful Open Studio

This last weekend was Open Studios in my local area. I had my home open to visitors from 11:00am to 5:00pm on saturday and sunday. The attendance seemed rather slow both days. I am used to it being slow on sunday, but not on saturday. I think gas prices and the economy were both factors in the low attendance.

But even still, I feel I did all right. I sold some earrings and necklaces, and large floral painting. Yes, in the end, I did decide to display my paintings again. People in my community still identify me as a painter, probably because I was for over 20 years and displayed my paintings in galleries here for almost the same amount of time.

I took some photos of my displays that I thought I would share. I purchased the white necklace displays right before this show and they really made a big difference.

And of course, you cannot hold a successful Open Studio tour without your favorite cat laying on the jewelry displays and coming into to greet all the visitors. That was Tiger's very special form of "helping."


Evelyn said...

Fantastic display and brilliant photography! I can't help admiring your beautiful Watercolors in the background. That really steal the show!

maryannartist said...

Thank you Evelyn for such positive feedback. I appreciate it!