Thursday, June 5, 2008

A New Addition to My Jewelry Store

Added a new pair of earrings to my jewelry store last night. I call them "Cleopatra." I'm not really sure why. As I was making them, that name came to me. I think it may have to do with the spiral design in the wire.

These are a real cool pair of earrings. Pink swarovski bicone crystals are used, along with glass teardrops that have an AB finish. The AB finish is like a rainbow finish, usually added to one side of a bead to have it reflect the colors of the rainbow. The combination of the glass and crystal make these earrings very shiny and sparkly. There are also sterling beads added. All of the metal is sterling, and the design is shaped by hand. After the spirals were made, they were hammered to give the wire more dimension, and then sanded or filed to give the sterling a satin finish. Sometimes all the little details are missed unless the process is described in detail. The earwires are also sterling.

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Mei said...

Hi Mary Ann, thanks for stopping by my blog. I visit your blog fm time to time as well. Your pretties are great inspirations to me, such as this one :).