Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Great Referral Site

I just joined a great referral site 3 days ago that I am really excited about. I wanted to share what I know so that you could take a look and see for yourself what you think. If you have a website, blog, web store, store on Etsy, Bluejay, or DaWanda, this can help bring more traffic to your site, and most likely more sales. I was told about this from another artist that said in 3 weeks she had over 600 visits to her store and her sales were finally taking off from the connections she made there. In the 3 days I have been using the site, I have had 60 new visitors.

The way it works is that your visit other people's web sites, blogs, etc., and write simple reviews such as what you like, what could use improvement, etc. You would get rated by the quality of the review you leave and how many you do in a day. The artist I spoke with said she spent 10 minutes a day leaving 5 reviews. She did this everyday for 3 weeks and had the increased traffic and sales. Oh, and she did make contact with the people who reviewed her site with an email to thank them for the review and how they were doing on the site. She wanted to make that personal connection and start building relationships. She said that was when it started to pay off for her in sales.

I don't know about you, but I really want to increase my exposure to my jewelry store. Check it out for yourself. The worst thing that can happen is you will get more web exposure-not a bad thing.

Just click HERE and you'll get right to the referral site.

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