Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Most Handsome Boy Kitty in the World

Of course, it's my Tiger! I also tell him he is the most handsome boy kitty in California, and the most handsome boy kitty in our house. The later is probably the truest since the only other cat in our home is female. Oh, see what true kitty love can do!

I haven't had Tiger on my blog for a while. Well Tiger just turned 3. His birthday is around the end of August. I'm not sure of the date. As you can see, he is a BIG boy.

My favorite time at night is when Tiger settles down for the evening and decides to sleep on my legs. He sprawls out full length, and lays the full length of my legs. This is especially great on a cold night. It's like having a warm, live, fur balnket.

These are some photos I took last night after I got up from him sleeping on me.

Who couldn't love that face?

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