Monday, September 1, 2008

My Ideal Vacation

I went away this weekend for an end of the summer mini-vacation to a rental cabin/lodge in northern CA, close to the Oregon border. I have been looking for the perfect rustic cabin that I could get away to once a year to relax with my husband in peace and quiet. Ideally, it would be overlooking the ocean, or a river. We found this place on the internet and so far it is the closest to my ideal vacation spot. The cabin we stayed in had a large deck overlooking the Smith River, and across from the river was the Smith River National Forest. The scenery was gorgeous.

The inside of the cabin was a little odd for me at first. This cabin is owned by 3 friends that use it as a fishing lodge and so the place was a bit more masculine than I am used to in decor. There was one room in particular that I tried my best to stay out of. It had a deer's head in it, stuffed and mounted and holding up fishing caps from it's antlers. And there were a bunch of fishing photos hung on the walls from some of their trips, holding up their trophy salmon. Oh, and a few "babe" photos-photos of young pretty women in low cut tops posing with all the old guys.

Other than that, the place was clean and comfortable. It may be a place we visit again in the future.

Here are a few pics of the place.

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