Friday, September 12, 2008

New Wire Wrapped Pendant

This is my latest. I call this piece "Isabella." A beautiful name for a pretty piece of jewelry. Sometimes the name just comes to me for a certain piece. That is how this pendant was named.

Believe it or not, this pendant was going to be an earring. When I wired the green beads to the outside of the design, I knew it was too big for an earring and so it became a pendant. The design also became more elaborate at that time.

I wanted to use green and purple as my colors because that is a favorite color combination for me. So on the outside we have green adventurine beads and 2 different green pearls. On the inside of the inner "leaf" shape, there are pearls, garnets and crystals. There is a marquee amethyst and a amethyst briolette in the pendant. And all of the wire is sterling silver. When I was all finished with the wiring, I lightly antiqued the pendant.

"Isabella" is available right now in my jewelry store, Testagrossa Designs Jewelry.

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