Saturday, November 1, 2008

Finally I'm Back Again

Now that I have 2 blogs, if you do not see recent blog entries, check out The Very Best Cats blog.

I have tried a few different ecommerce sites and some I have decided not to keep using and some to continue using. I just opened a new internet jewelry store at Shop Handmade. Take a look at the site. The owners/designers of the site have sponsors helping out with their costs. One of the things that I really like is that when you make a purchase from my store, a percentage of the price goes to help save the rainforests. The artists selling on the site get to decide if they want to do that or not. I think that is a very important thing for us to do. I just watched a show on the National Geographic channel that told about how interwoven the rainforests are to global warming. As more and more trees are cut down, the earth's temperature gets warmer. And another reason it is important to save the rainforests is because there are many species of animals that would be lost forever without that environment. So if you like my work and are interested in making a purchase, possibly for a holiday gift for a special friend or family member, check out my Shop Handmade site. I still have more items listed at my Etsy jewelry site, but I will continue to list more and more on Shop Handmade as I can.

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