Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is Goldstone?

I have always wondered what goldstone was. Is it a true natural gemstone, or is it manmade. So I did some research and this is what I found.

** Goldstone is NOT a real gemstone! It is basically glass with copper flecks in it.
** Goldstone was created by accident in the European Renaissance period, when alchemists were trying to create gold.
** Goldstone was originally made by a group of monks in Italy, and to this day most of it is still made at this particular monastery (though it is made elsewhere too). The "recipe" was for a long time a very closely guarded secret. Due to its origins in the monastery, Goldstone is used frequently in religious (especially Catholic) jewelry.
** In the making of Goldstone, copper salts are added to brown-colored liquid glass. As the glass cools, the salts turn into copper crystals.

** The color of the stone is dependant on the color of the glass, not the crystals (which are always copper). Reddish Goldstone and dark Blue Goldstone are both popular and easy to find. Little mention is made of Green Goldstone, which is NOT well heard-of and is very hard to find but which I have located for you! (Aren't I special?)
** Because it is a man-made stone, it is hard to define any true crystal healing attributes of it. However, some people feel that it has the same powers as natural glass like Obsidian, and that the copper crystals in it provide great conduction of energy. Goldstone is said to promote calmness and stability.

Information written by Suzanne Dallapè of  Ephemerala, Natural Stone Jewelry and Gifts.

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