Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Free Tutorial- Braided Beaded Bracelet

Who doesn't love FREE tutorials? I know I do. This one was just sent to me from Stumble Upon. It is from a blog called Honestly...WTF . This is a fun site. They have ideas and tutorials for many different types of projects.

I have seen bracelets like these at different stores right now. They seem to be pretty trendy. I really like them. They are colorful and look great if you wear multiples on your wrist all at once. They also would be a nice gift idea, or a fun project to do with someone else. And they look fairly easy to make.

Easy to make, fun to wear...what else could you ask for?

If the type for this tutorial is too small for you to read, go to DIY Braided Bead Bracelet on Honestly...WTF and take a look at the instructions there.

(tutorial from HonestlyWTF, adapted from Ornamentea, images from Honestly...WTF)


Amy Nicole said...

Great tutorial! I think I may have my daughters and their friends make these!

Tiger Bead Store said...

Thanks Nicole. It does look like a good one to share. Have fun.