Friday, March 30, 2012

Pure Gold and Silver Inked Tattos

I found this post on a site named 10X. I just love these gorgeous precious metal temporary tattos!  It is a very interesting article about a fascinating new way to use gold and silver for adornment.  This post  "Inked in Gold," was written by Hannah Connorton on March 09, 2012      

"Italian engineers have come up with an alternative way to wear gold, silver and other metals: as temporary tattoos adhered to the skin.

Produced by the high-tech company Genefinity, Gold Sin Jewels are the product of scientific research in nano-tech materials. Available in different patterns, the tattoos last between three and seven days--and because they’re stuck to you, it’s hard to misplace or lose them. Impossible, actually.

So how do the tattoos work? Genefinity calls it the “Ghost” process, and it involves fixing thin films of gold, silver, platinum and palladium to flexible substrates, or surfaces on which organisms live.

Gold Sin Jewels are made on a paper support that functions with hydro-soluble molecules, such as a think 24-karat gold film. A bio-compatible resin layer allows the film to adhere to skin, and keeps it safe, waterproof and lasting.


The tats are available in a variety of patterns, from floral motifs to dolphins and stars. If that doesn’t appeal to you, new collections can be easily customized, Genefinity says, adding that it expects peak selling to roll around with wedding season.

Gold Sin Jewels are currently distributed in Egypt, Lebanon and Canada, and are marketed exclusively by brand Stroili Oro in Italy. While the tats aren’t yet available in the U.S., Genefinity reports that its looking for distributors and partners here and overseas.
A cool accessory for a night out or a special event, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of these turn up on a celebrity. The temporary factor is appealing, although I haven’t met many who are into washing 24-karat gold down the drain. But with a price point ranging from $7 to $67, it could be worth the few days of truly precious skin."

Inked in Gold, Posted by Hannah Connorton on March 09, 2012 on 10X

Find out more about Gold Sin Jewels here.

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