Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Colored Gemstone Choices for Spring and Summer 2017

After studying Pantone's color choices for Spring and Summer 2017, I selected the best gems for you that match the color palette.  These are gems that will compliment Spring and Summer's fashions in clothing and accessories; colors you may want to consider while planning your jewelry creations for later in the year.
Color Chart from

Primrose Yellow - Lemon Quartz

Pale Dogwood - Rose Quartz, Pink Opal

Hazelnut - Light Shades of Smokey Quartz

Island Paradise - Aquamarine, Sky Blue Topaz, Turquoise

Greenery - Peridot, Chrysoprase

Flame - Red Onyx, Orange Shades of Carnelian

Pink Yarrow - Deep Shades of Pink Tourmaline

Niagara - Kyanite, Blue Sapphire, Swiss Topaz, London Blue Topaz

Kale - Green Tourmaline

Lapis Blue -  Lapis, Azurite

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