Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Busy Day

I think I should call my Blog the ramblings of a working artist. Most artists have a "day" job that helps support their creativity. I'm one of them.

Today I will be getting my home ready for my Open Studio event on Saturday. I will be cleaning and displaying where I want my paintings to go. And repricing my work. This may be the last time I show my paintings for purchase. I haven't painted in 2 years. The jewelry has overtaken my life. It was a hard letting go at first. I diligently painted in watercolor for 22 years. But now I feel it is a good change for me.

I wanted to share my new business card. I just got it back from the printer yesterday. It is 2 sided, which I just found out you can do. It turned out great!! Thanks to the creative collaboration of my husband and myself. What a team!!

Sorry the photo is crooked. You still get to see the idea. One side is for my jewelry store and one side is for my bead store.

Well as I said, got to get to cleaning. Till next time.

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