Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Successful Open Studio Show

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Northern CA. Today happens to be a pretty day too so far. Waking up to the sun shining outside is not usual here. These are my favorite mornings.

So I did an Open Studio sale yesterday and got to see one of my favorite customers, who also happens to be a very gifted photographer and teacher. I 've known Bruce Van Meter for many years and it is always nice to visit with him. I also got to visit with my other customers. It was a very nice day all in all. Found a new home for one of my beautiful floral watercolors. That felt real good. I would rather someone enjoy one of my paintings in their home then store them all away. And I sold many cards and prints.

I will have to share some photos of my helper, Tiger, once I get the photos up loaded to the computer. They are pretty humorous.

Next saturday I will be hosting my first Home Jewelry Show from 10:00am to 3:00pm. If there are any local readers to my Blog reading this, please come by if you are interested. I will be showing my new jewelry for the first time, and saleing my polymer clay jewelry. I think I will also leave my paintings up on sale for anyone who was not able to make it last saturday.
I much prefer to do a show in my home. It is just more comfortable and easier to set up.

I received my letter from Humboldt Artisans yesterday that let me know I am in the christmas holiday fair at Redwood Acres. It will be the first weekend in Dec. This is definitely the best show locally. I will also do a few other home jewelry shows as the holidays approach.

Today I will be creating my announcement for next weekend. That is the work goal. And maybe get a pair of earrings made-something creative.

One last thing, I made my first sale from the Tiger Beads Store yesterday. Someone bought some beautiful red adventurine beads for a gift for a friend. That was very satisfying!

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