Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Tonight is Christmas Eve. I just went out to dinner with my husband at our favorite Mexican restaurant. And now I get to have some computer time.

I just finished the last blog entry, Dolphin Adventure. I was having trouble with my photos. I saved them in a file I always use, and then they weren't there. That was yesterday. Now, today, they were miraculously there. I don't know what that is about, but I am glad I do not have to save all of them again from iphoto to photoshop to my blog file. That was a lot of work.

Tomorrow, on Christmas, Scott and I will have my sister and a dear friend of mine over for dinner and movies. We ordered a new flat screen TV for our Christmas present to one another and it was supposed to be here today, but it never made it. Problems with shipping. Can you believe that? At this time of year? So we are hoping to get it before New Years Eve, but that is looking like it may be a problem too. I guess we will just get it when we get it.

haven't had any time to work on new jewelry lately. I think the first chance I may have is on thursday. I'm looking forward to that. I have some new earring ideas I want to try out. I'll post them as I can.

Remember to check out my jewelry store for all of my available work, and my bead store if you are interested in making your own jewelry.

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