Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dog Whisperer

I have a hero. He is Caesar Millan of the TV show Dog Whisperer. This is a show that airs on friday nights at 8:00pm on the National Geographic channel.

So why is Caesar my hero? Caesar is like magic. It is amazing how he works with problemic dogs and their owners and in a short amount of time with them, works to help to correct the poor behavior. Dogs are social and have a pack mentality- there is a leader and the follower or followers. If you are not the leader with your dog or dogs, they will become the leaders and you will not have control of your animal. I think it is common with animals that we just want to love and spoil them, and then have them respond to our wishes because of that. And it doesn't work. I know this is how I am with my cat Tiger. He has me all wrapped around his kitty paws.

Watching Caesar is very inspiring, and I do not even have a dog. I am watching for the possible future, when I have more time and can take care of a dog.

So I highly recommend the Dog Whisperer. To anyone who has a dog. Or doesn't.

Does the Dog Whisperer work with cats too?

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