Thursday, June 12, 2008

Just a Frustrating Wednesday

Yesterday was one of those days that I describe as spinning my wheels. It was a busy day, but in the end I felt I didn't get much done. At least creatively. That was the frustrating part.

When I got to my studio, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, Etsy listings or make new earrings. So I decided that my studio needed to be straightened and that was where I started. I needed to clean up still from my Studio so I had space to work in. Then I decided to try a new wire technique for a pair of earrings. Spent quite a bit of time on them and in the end, it was an unsuccessful attempt. So I went back to work on a pair of earrings I am in the middle of making.

But in between, my sister came over for lunch and a visit. I try to connect with my sister and nephew a couple of times a week. Though I like to visit, it does cut into my creative time.

So then, not thinking I could leave these for later, I ran errands. Grocery shopping, shopping for Father's Day, and a trip to my local bead shop. As I was driving home, that is when the thought crossed my mind that I could have done these in the evening. Oh well.

In the evening, I did a couple of listings in my Tiger Bead Store, and then put the photos on Flickr, to only erase them in the end. By that time I decided to get out of my studio and do something else.

So that was my day.

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